Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire


It is with great regret that the Joint Rover Clubs committee has decided to postpone Roverfest until 2022.
We were looking forward to putting on another spectacular event for us all in August. In the UK, England has started its journey on a roadmap out of lockdown with a programme of vaccinations and plans to gradually relax Covid restrictions if circumstances permit. But there are warnings of another wave of Covid infections on the horizon.
The UK’s other devolved administrations are on similar but different timetables. This could affect travel in the UK and it seems unlikely that international visitors will be able to come to the UK for Roverfest in the short term.
Whilst we are all hoping that Covid 19 lockdown restrictions will be lifted by the summer and larger events may continue, that depends on the roadmap holding and a Government pilot scheme showing that this is feasible. It is likely that some restrictions on social distancing will still be in place. We note that some early events are planned from May and June but these are pre-booked only, to control attendance, with no turn up and pay on the day option and the events are liable to short notice cancellation.
Our events have always welcomed friends who choose to turn up on the day, boosting rally attendance. We don't know whether the book in advance requirement will be lifted and could be faced with a "booked in only" Roverfest event for 2021 with very little time remaining to make potential "I'll do it on the day” visitors aware given Club magazine issue dates and ultimately, not covering our expenses, which ultimately would have to be covered by the JRC clubs.
Now is the time of year when we normally start reserving, booking and paying for infrastructure and services for Roverfest, Covid safety measures are additional to our normal requirement. If we are unable to guarantee recouping at least the costs for these outgoings, then as a committee we will be acting irresponsibly in our duties to safeguard finances. Given the uncertainties we all face in the near future we do hope that you understand the rationale behind taking this difficult decision.
We are pleased to say that Sywell Aerodrome have carried forward all bookings for the on-site Aviator Hotel to the new dates 5th, 6th and 7th August 2022. If you intended staying at other hotels, you will need to change arrangements with them.
Roverfest entries and rally entry fees will be carried forward or can be refunded, if you prefer.
The JRC Committee hope that you will join us at Roverfest 2022.