Well Thats It

It is all over and done with.

We will publish full stats and post rally info here as it is produced.

Thanks to every one who turned up.


Class/ number Year Model Registration Owner

Rover P1 & P2

AA18 1947 12hp (Sports) Tourer GUE 715 Steven Darby

Rover P3

AAA2 1949 P3 Sports Saloon KLO 711 William Crow

Rover P4

B51 1958 P4 90 PJG 97 Allan Goodman

Rover P5

C28 1972 P5B Saloon NEW 681 Melvyn Newton

Rover P6

D21 1971 P6 3500 CFH 1J Perry Tape

Rover SD1

E26 1980 V8-S KLU 693V Paul Butterworth

Rover 200/25 Rover 400/45

F39 1999 400 T420 SAV Matt Lynch

Rover Coupe

G3 1998 1.8 VVC Coupe R531 BRW Nicholas Lander

Rover 600

H6 1997 620 SLi Auto R600 AGD Anthony Dennis

Rover 800

I8 1988 STERLING 827 E636 MDD Dave Smart

Rover 75

J18 2004 75V8 Connoisseur SE Tourer V875 MAN Max Stewart

Rover Montego/ Maestro/100

K2 1997 100 R988 BUB Kevin Plumridge

Land Rover, Discovery, Range Rover, BL vehicles

L12 1978 Sherpa Chassis cab with dropsides DVV 428T Mark Covington


N5 1974 Leyland Australia P76 Targa Florio YJT 246M Dave Eadon

Furthest Travelled, 1200 MILES

C16 1968 P5b saloon (LHD) FW-727-XB Stephen Boswell

Best car in show

AA14 1936 12 (6 light saloon) 155 XUN Ian Frost