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Official Major Historic Classic Rover Event in August

Roverfest will be the official 50th anniversary celebration of the legendary Rover V8 engine, and is set to be the largest gathering of Rovers and Rover V8-powered vehicles in decades.

Organised by the Joint Rover Clubs, a working consortium of several Rover owners’ clubs, the 3-day event will run from 11-13 August 2017 at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire, and include road-runs, driving skill tests, visits to the British Motor Museum, and an enormous rally. Eight classic car clubs are holding their annual national rallies at the event, and owners from all over Europe are travelling to be part of this historic event. Rovers, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, MGs, Triumphs, Leyland trucks, Morgans, TVRs, Kit cars, etc… are all invited, and over 70 clubs are also publicising the event to their members and we’re expecting a massive turnout!

We’ve have confirmation of several interesting and significant prototypes and experimental cars attending, including a racing SD1, the JET1 (P4-based gas turbine car) replica and a Rover V8 dragster.

Many ex-staff of the Rover Company will be attending the show, including P6 transmission engineer and later Director of MIRA Peter Willmer, Denis Chick who started with Rover as an apprentice in 1965 working through to 2000 when Rover folded and is now PR Director for Vauxhall, and former crash test engineer Lyn Thomas. They are available for press interviews regarding their time at Rover, and their personal stories of the company, its cars and the legendary V8 engine. The organisers will also be available for interviews either at the show or before by phone.

Please confirm if you will be attending the event and if you would like to pre-book interviews by emailing by return. Please check out for further information, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the weekend. Your coverage would be most welcome!

For further information please contact

Contact Name: Mike Maher

Phone Number: 01280 700413 or 07884 061234



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